First of all, let’s introduce it. AIALAB: AI to generate texts from your ideas. These texts can take inspiration from a variety of sources, including a short story format or Quebec poetry. Each style has its own BelGPT-inspired model.

BelGPT is a GPT-2 AI from OpenAI. GPT-2 has been trained on 40 GB of text (equivalent to about 400 times the Harry Potter saga), 8 million documents and 45 million web pages. But it only generates texts in English. To teach it French, the corpus was replaced by a compilation of web pages, books and newspaper articles in our language.

AIALAB: Text was created by specializing the corpus used in the desired styles. The inspirations are diverse:  – The grimms brothers  – Émile Nelligan, Arthur de Bussière, Nérée Beauchemin, Alphonse Beauregard, Blanche Lamontagne-Beauregard, Louis Dantin et William Chapman  – Claude-Ignace Brugière, baron de Barante, Edme Boursault, Molière, Thomas Corneille, Pierre Corneille et Jean du Mas d’Aigueberre  – Mylène Fortin

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