AI limits

Artificial intelligences are part of our daily lives. We find AIs in our home appliances, in our phones, in our vehicles, etc… Yet they’re not to be found everywhere!

Data is one of the key constraints for all AI.As we saw earlier, the more information there is, the more precise artificial intelligence can be. Information needs to be stored so that the AI can search, analyze, find and create results. All these AIs therefore demand a lot of use, even from powerful computers, and a lot of cloud space!

We human beings are also one of the limitations for AI and its evolution. But how is this possible? Our knowledge of intelligence and the brain still has many gaps, and yes! It’s hard to artificially create forms of intelligence when our own understanding of the human brain has not yet been mastered. There are many fields of research linked to ethics and ecology that are still learning and developing.

What is ethics? It’s the study of what is morally right or wrong.

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