Create your own paper Wally!

Materials needed to create your own paper Wally:

  • Print out of Wallygami sheet
  • Glue stick
  • Ruler (optional)
  • Pair of scissors

Before you start, download and print the paper template. You can follow the instructions below.

Cut out all pieces along the solid black line.

Fold along all dashed lines. Tip: fold along a ruler for a straight edge!

Apply glue to front tabs on the top of ‘body’ piece. Fold underneath side of body piece and hold to dry. Repeat for both sides.

Apply glue to long tabs on top of ‘body’ piece’. Fold underneath the sides of the ‘body’ piece and hold to dry. Use tape to hold in place.

Apply glue to all tabs on the ‘chest’ piece and the jaw tabs on the ‘body’ piece. Place the pieces as directed and hold to dry.

Apply glue to the tabs on the ‘right flipper’ piece. Place tabs under front and side of the ‘body’ piece. Repeat for the left side.

Apply glue to both ‘tusks’ and place under the jaw. Press ‘tusks’ back along fold so they stay vertical.

You’ve completed the model, congratulations! You can now decorate your Wally with your pencils and markers.

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