Make your iceberg

To make your iceberg you need:

  • A large bowl
  • Food coloring
  • A plastic cup

Fill the plastic cup with water.

Add the food coloring.

Place the cup in the freezer.

Wait several hours for the water to turn into an ice cube.

Fill a large bowl with room temperature water.

Remove the glass from the freezer and wait a few minutes to remove the ice cube from the glass.

Place the ice cube in the bowl.

Observe the result. What is happening? The iceberg floats because of buoyancy: if you plunge an object into the water, it tends to rise to the surface. If the object is denser than water, it sinks because it is too heavy for the buoyancy to float. However, ice is less dense than liquid water: the iceberg therefore remains on the surface of the water, with about 90% of its volume below the waterline.

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