Walruses of Canada

Walrus or Aiviq in Innuktitut (language spoken by the Inuit of Canada). The walrus (Odobenus rosmarus) is a pinniped mammal. It is the only representative of the family Odobenidae, a name derived from the Greek words for “teeth” and “walk”, which refers to the way walrus use their tusks to move on ice. In Atlantic […]

Create your own paper Wally!

Materials needed to create your own paper Wally: Print out of Wallygami sheet Glue stick Ruler (optional) Pair of scissors Before you start, download and print the paper template. You can follow the instructions below. Download the pattern Cut out all pieces along the solid black line. Fold along all dashed lines. Tip: fold along […]

The History of Walruses in Canada

Before the arrival of Europeans in America, walrus colonies were estimated at more than 250 000 members! Walruses are a very important resource for the Inuit. The people of the Far North use their skin, tusks and bones to make boats, tools and weapons. They have also used walrus meat and oil for food and […]

Walruses of the Coast

Before playing the video, make sure your speakers/headphones are not too loud. After starting the video, subtitles are also available by clicking the “CC” button.