Make yours

Can you reproduce these images by yourself? You can also create your own images to customize your signal. Try it!

Challenge – Let’s Light up the Lighthouse

Now it’s time to do the first programming challenge, which is explained in this video vignette. Some practical advice: Make sure you take the time to watch the activity video at your own pace. Don’t hesitate to pause and rewind the video. You will need to switch from the video to the programming interface, so […]

What is a micro:bit?

A complete Wally kit, including: 1 micro:bit nano-computer in its case 1 case for the batteries 1 piezoelectric speaker 1 USB cable (USB-A to Micro-USB) 2 alligator clips   Welcome to our first programming challenge! The upcoming videos will guide you through the world of the micro:bit and show you how you can make it […]