Challenge – Turn the micro:bit into a Compass

Launch MakeCode How would you help someone navigate and orient themselves in the room you are in? Perhaps you could point them in the direction they’re facing? In what direction is the door to the room? Or the nearest window?   CHow can you guide them to avoid obstacles around them?

Challenge – Let’s Create a Compass The boat is surrounded by icebergs! Wally and his friends must help the boat navigate its way out of this maze. We can create a tool that will help the walruses: the micro:bit can be turned into a compass.

What is a compass ?

Back to cours It is an instrument that indicates the magnetic north.  The dial, the circular part where the degrees are displayed, rotates in order to choose the direction you want to go.  Once this is done, you simply rotate the compass until the magnetic needle points to the north indicated on the dial.  The […]