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Digital Combos transform education in Quebec

In 2018, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education unveiled its Digital Action Plan for Education and Higher Education, an ambitious initiative aimed at modernizing education through the integration of new technologies. This action plan covers the entire Quebec education system, and with this in mind, “digital combos” have been set up.

Digital Combos: Financing Educational Innovation

At the heart of the DAP are the “digital combos”, an essential pillar of this educational transformation. These combos are designed to fund and support the adoption of new technologies in schools. They offer schools an opportunity to choose from three types of digital combos, each focused on specific areas:

  • The “Creative Lab”: This combo focuses on 3D modeling and printing, virtual reality, 3D drawing, design thinking, and many other aspects of digital creativity.
  • “Educational Robotics”: This combo encompasses a variety of robotics platforms, from the Arduino to the mBot to the Sphero, offering students the opportunity to explore creative programming and robotics technology.
  • The “Device Fleet”: This combo aims to provide schools with mobile devices, such as Chromebooks and iPads, to enrich the learning experience. It includes features such as interactive quizzes, serious games, collaborative writing and much more.

The Key Partners

Several partners are involved in setting up the digital combos. Among them, the Réseau pour le développement des compétences par l’intégration des technologies de l’information et de la communication (TIC), better known as RÉCIT, plays an essential role. This network focuses on developing students’ skills through the integration of ICT into education.

CADRE21 is another key partner, whose mission is to support education professionals in their reflection and professional development. CADRE21’s training courses aim to develop digital skills recognized by a system of digital badges, offering a flexible and personalized approach to learning.

The Evolution of Education in Quebec

The DAP was announced in May 2018 and has been implemented with full force since the start of the school year in September 2018. Digital combos are an important step in this educational transformation, allowing schools to choose the technologies best suited to their needs. Teaching staff are also benefiting from ongoing training opportunities to make the most of these new tools in their teaching practices.

This puts Quebec at the forefront of digital education, paving the way for a new era of creative, technological learning. Digital combos are at the heart of this educational revolution, offering new perspectives for the province’s students and educators.

The integration of digital combos into Quebec education is a perfect match for the services offered by GénieLab. Indeed, GénieLab perfectly complements the objectives of digital combos by offering stimulating educational resources, placing learning at the heart of innovation. The Wally and Rosy kits are eligible for this system, so don’t hesitate to discover them!

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