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We are thinkers & makers

A tinker space at heart, our multidisciplinary team crafts fun experiences for young innovators.

Inspired by prototyping labs and maker space culture, GenieLab applies human-centric design thinking to each project.

The lab is home to a collection of specialized tools, which we use for prototyping, testing, developing, and specialized training tailored to our customers’ needs in-house.

Engaging audiences through immersive solutions

Our interactive installations create fun and memorable learning experiences for all ages. Working from our design principles, we connect the physical and virtual worlds in creative ways.

Turn your ideas into reality

We use an agile approach to help organisations and startups develop their their ideas from conception to minimal viable product, applying the principles of human-centered design every step of the way.

Technology & media we have worked with:

Audio & Video
Light & Sound
Internet of objects
Connected paths & games

Turn your team into experts

We work with you to assess your teams’ competencies and help you grow. Custom training gives your team the skills to successfully reach your audience and increase your impact. Our team of experts accompanies you every step of the way, helping you create a solution-oriented design.

Selected works

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Everything you can imagine is real.

- Pablo Picasso

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