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Explore GénieLab’s GénieSphere: where education becomes an epic adventure!

In a world where curiosity is the driving force behind learning, GénieLab stands out as a pioneer in educational innovation, offering young minds a captivating gateway into the world of coding, programming and the digital world.

At the heart of this transformative experience lies the GénieSphère, a fictional universe vibrant with possibility and adventure, designed to amaze and educate.

What is the GénieSphère?

The GénieSphère is not simply a backdrop for GénieLab’s educational kits; it’s an ecosystem where every element, every character, every challenge, is carefully woven to capture the imagination and stimulate learning. Imagine a world where the boundaries between reality and fiction become blurred, where young adventurers are transported to faraway lands where concepts of biodiversity, astronomy, Canadian history and more blend harmoniously with digital fundamentals.

At the heart of the GénieSphère, youngsters discover fascinating characters, each representing a unique educational kit. From the courageous tardigrade Rosy to the musical cicada Ziggy, each character embodies skills and values essential for navigating the ever-changing digital world.

These examples illustrate the richness and diversity of the adventures awaiting intrepid explorers in the GénieLab GénieSphere. Join us on this adventure, where every step is a discovery and every adventure is a lesson that lasts a lifetime.

But what makes the GénieSphère so special, so irresistible to young minds thirsting for knowledge? It’s its power to turn learning into a thrilling adventure. As they plunge deeper into the world of the GénieSphère , children don’t just absorb abstract concepts; they experience real-life situations, solve puzzles, collaborate with engaging characters and discover the immense potential of the digital world around them.

Who is part of the GénieSphère?

To illustrate this, let’s take the example of Ziggy the musical cicada, an educational kit for ages 7 and up.

With Ziggy as their guide, young explorers delve into the mysteries of biodiversity while discovering the subtleties of music. They learn how music and biodiversity are intimately linked, while mastering the basics of musical coding to create their own melodies.

Likewise, in the captivating adventure of Wally the Walrus, children explore the fascinating world of Morse code while discovering Canadian history through the eyes of walruses.

Together, they decipher coded messages, solve historical riddles and explore the hidden wonders of coding and programming.

Finally, with Rosy the tardigrade, the young adventurers embark on a perilous mission to save the Earth from an imminent threat.

Following Rosy into space, they discover the complex concepts of :

  • space waves,
  • solar panels,
  • programming.

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