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GénieLab announces the appointment of new members to its Board of Directors

GénieLab announces appointment of new board members
Montreal, QC, August 3, 2021- The not-for-profit organization, GénieLab is proud to announce the 5 new members of its Board of Directors chaired by Christian Guy of CGUY & Co.

The new members are:

Sandra GIL-GUZMAN, International Lawyer, partner at Boverry et Associés and responsible for rights and governance at GénieLab.

Zied TOUZANI, Data Scientist at Dataperformers and Business Development Manager at GénieLab.

Vanessa Alarie, Industrial Partnership Advisor at IVADO and responsible for strategic alliances at GénieLab.

Odile Annicette, Director of Business Development at ITI and head of the Organizational Development Committee for GénieLab.

Peng-Li Hong, Domain Architect and Corporate Services at National Bank and Domain Architecture Advisor for GénieLab.

Existing board members are:

Christian Guy founder of CGUY & Co and Chairman of the Board of GénieLab.

Roxanne Gagnon Houle, Special Education Counselor at the Centre d’Intégration Scolaire de Montréal, Board Secretary and responsible for the development of pedagogical programs for GénieLab.

Marcelle Hanna, Senior Financial Consultant at Rio Tio and Treasurer of the Board of Directors for GénieLab.

“GénieLab is an organization that brings together intelligence of all kinds and from all walks of life. We wanted to put together a Board of Directors made up of passionate people with a wide range of talents. I’m convinced that when you put smart, willing people in the same room, great things happen,” says Christian Guy.

Founded in 2012, GénieLab is a non-profit organization that promotes access to digital culture by fusing design, art and technology to offer inclusive experiences anchored on collaboration, experimentation and education.

For further information, please contact
Erin Whittaker
(514) 706-370
Sales and Communications Manager

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