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Techno-creation kit and learning path : what are the differences?

GénieLab offers a diverse range of educational kits designed to stimulate digital learning and encourage creativity in curious young minds. Two main options stand out: techno-creation kits, embodied by Tinka and Gonzo, and learning paths kits, such as Ziggy, Wally and Rosy. Each of these kits offers unique advantages that meet different pedagogical needs.

Let’s take a closer look at the features and benefits of each type of kit.

Techno-creation kit

Techno-creation kits, represented by Tinka and Gonzo, are specially designed to offer a hands-on learning experience, without the need for screens. These kits are ideal for introducing young people to technological concepts in a fun, interactive way.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

Tactile and creative experience

The Tinka and Gonzo kits encourage tactile exploration and creativity by allowing students to manipulate physical components such as electrical circuits and robotic parts. This approach fosters a concrete understanding of the concepts covered.


Techno-creation kits are more affordable than their educational counterparts, making them accessible even to individuals or organizations with limited budgets.

Screen-free initiation

With their focus on a screen-free experience, the Tinka and Gonzo kits offer an attractive alternative for teachers and parents keen to limit youngsters’ screen time while stimulating their creativity.

Learning path kit

Learning path kits, such as Ziggy, Wally and Rosy, offer a more integrated approach to learning, combining physical and digital elements for a rich and diverse learning experience.

Here are just a few of their benefits:

Global and autonomous approach

The learning path kits integrate a variety of physical and digital resources to offer a complete learning experience. They encourage in-depth exploration of the subjects covered, thanks to access to a comprehensive online platform designed to give young people complete autonomy.

Diversity of topics

The learning path kits cover a wide range of subjects, from biodiversity to astronomy and history. They enable youngsters to tackle several disciplines in a single kit, promoting an integrated approach to science and technology.

Access to online learning resources

The learning path kits provide access to an online platform of teaching resources, including student workbooks, lesson sequences and practical activities. This enables teachers to supplement their lessons with a variety of multimedia supports, giving students total autonomy.

Choose the right kit for your needs

Ultimately, the choice between techno-creation kits and learning path kits will depend on the specific learning objectives and pedagogical preferences of each teacher or parent.

If the emphasis is on hands-on experimentation and creativity, techno-creation kits may be the best option. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for an integrated and diversified approach to learning, the learning path kits may be better suited to your needs.

Whichever option you choose, GénieLab is committed to providing innovative educational tools to inspire and motivate students on their science and technology learning journey.

New for 2024: AIALab, the 100% digital kit

In addition to the techno-creation and educational pathway kits, GénieLab is proud to present its latest innovation: AIALab, the 100% digital kit.

This kit offers an immersive approach to introducing young people to artificial intelligence (AI) through a variety of fascinating subjects such as ethics, history, music, visual art and poetry.

Here’s an overview of the features and benefits of this new kit:

Exploring AI through a variety of disciplines

The AIALab kit allows students to explore the fundamental concepts of AI through a variety of subjects, from ethics and history to music, art and poetry. This multidisciplinary approach encourages a deep and contextual understanding of AI, while stimulating creativity and critical thinking.

100% digital approach

Designed for all-digital use, the AIALab kit offers an immersive, interactive learning experience. Students have access to a complete online platform where they can explore interactive learning modules, hands-on activities and multimedia resources to deepen their understanding of AI.

Focus on ethics and responsibility

The AIALab kit focuses on the ethical and social aspects of AI, encouraging students to think about the implications of this technology on society and to develop skills in ethical decision-making and digital responsibility.

Adaptability and accessibility

The AIALab kit is designed to be adaptable to different teaching levels and learning contexts. It offers flexibility for teachers and students, with the ability to access resources anytime and from anywhere, making it ideal for both classroom and distance learning.

By integrating the AIALab kit into their curriculum, educators can offer their students a unique opportunity to explore AI in a creative and ethical way.

This new kit embodies GenieLab’s ongoing commitment to providing innovative educational tools that prepare students to meet the challenges of the ever-changing digital world.

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