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What’s a micro:bit ?

In this video, GenieLab’s expert takes you on a tour of the micro:bit, which is particularly useful for the activities in our Wally the Walrus and the Great Storm educational kit.

A micro:bit acts like a computer to which we can give commands! Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at what a micro:bit is, starting with the micro:bit itself. If you have your own, you can compare it to this diagram.

The front of the micro:bit

First of all, in the center, we have the LED lights, light-emitting diodes.
This is just one type of light, here in five columns and five rows, there are twenty-five in all.

You also have two buttons “A” and “B”, as well as pins. There are five pins on the bottom of your un micro:bit for electronic connections.

At the top is the USB port, visible from both front and rear.

The back of the micro:bit

On the right you’ll find the restart button, which is used to restart the program running on the device.

There’s also the battery connector, which enables you to switch on the micro:bit without it being connected to the computer, so you connect it to another power source, such as batteries, and you can then use the micro:bit without it being connected to a computer.
Then there’s the processor. A micro:bit is like a computer, so it has a processor that performs the calculation tasks assigned to it.

There are also sensors, such as a compass and an accelerometer. These perform tasks such as knowing in which direction the micro:bit is pointing and knowing when there has been a change of direction or a change of speed, for example, in the micro:bit when it is moved to perform a task.

Now that we know what the micro:bit looks like, and how it works, let’s start programming!

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