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What’s a Fab Lab?

It’s a global network of local labs, where several people get together to create objects together using special tools such as 3D printing machines, laser cutters and more. Read our full article to find out more about Fablabs.

Explore GénieLab’s GénieSphere: where education becomes an epic adventure!

In a world where curiosity is the driving force behind learning, GénieLab stands out as a pioneer in educational innovation, offering young minds a captivating gateway into the world of coding, programming and the digital world. At the heart of this transformative experience lies the GénieSphère, a fictional universe vibrant with possibility and adventure, designed to amaze and educate.

Demystifying AI with AIALab

Designed with a vision of accessibility at the heart of its development, AIALab is much more than just an educational kit: it’s an invitation to discover and master the fundamental concepts of AI in a way that’s engaging and accessible to all.

GénieLab vous offre son livre
“Créer avec l’IA” écris par des expert.e.s !

Summer programming

GénieLab offers techno-creative workshops every weekend from July 6 to August 17, 2024!

Accessible to children aged 7 and over