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How can we encourage young people to explore careers in technology and computing?

In an increasingly digital world, careers in technology and IT offer a wide range of exciting and lucrative opportunities.

However, despite the growing demand for qualified professionals in these fields, many young people are reluctant to explore these careers due to a lack of knowledge, confidence or representation.

In this article, we look at different strategies and initiatives to encourage young people to take an interest in and explore careers in technology and computing.

Early education and awareness

Early education and awareness are key to familiarizing young people with career opportunities in technology and computing.

Schools and educational organizations can incorporate programs and activities that expose students to these fields from an early age. This would include coding classes, robotics workshops, visits to technology companies and meetings with industry professionals.

In this context, activities such as the GénieLab kits offer a turnkey solution that lets young people explore complete adventures on their own, at their own pace. Taking the adventure of Wally the Walrus and the Great Storm as an example, this kit enables youngsters to understand the life of walruses and the history of Morse code, as well as to learn about programming and coding.

Events and competitions

Events and competitions focusing on technology and computing can be effective ways of encouraging young people to explore these fields.

Hackathons, coding competitions, science fairs and technology exhibitions offer young people the opportunity to practice their skills, collaborate with their peers and receive recognition for their achievements.

One example is the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) competition, which enables young people to get together in teams and design, build, program and pilot their own robot on a playground, competing against other teams around the world.

Internship and apprenticeship programs

Internship and apprenticeship programs offer young people hands-on experience in technology and computing.

Technology companies can offer structured programs that enable interns to acquire valuable skills, work on real-life projects and explore different facets of the industry. In addition, integrated mentoring programs can provide extra support for trainees.

With this in mind, GénieLab offers workshops called LabCréatif. These workshops enable groups of around 15 young people to discover the GénieLab laboratory, and carry out a number of activities. At the end of a half-day workshop, during which the young people discover laser cutting, coding and vinyl cutting, they leave with their own connected instrument, coded to the music of their choice.

Expanding accessibility

It’s essential to ensure that career opportunities in technology and IT are accessible to all young people, regardless of socio-economic background, gender or ethnicity. This requires deliberate efforts to remove barriers to entry, such as access to education and training, as well as the creation of an inclusive and welcoming environment within the industry.

By encouraging young people to explore technology and computing, we are helping to prepare the next generation to succeed in an increasingly digital world. By investing in education, mentoring and opportunities, we can inspire and support young people on their journey to rewarding and challenging careers in these exciting fields.

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