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Interview with GenieLab co-founder, Evelyne Drouin


How did the idea for GenieLab come about?

Evelyne Drouin: As an artist and entrepreneur who has been active in the cultural arts sector for the past 20 years, I’ve been inspired to create projects that can inspire young people who have the same curiosity as me in the creative process…
GenieLab was born out of a desire to explore new models that combine art, design, science and technology, but also to explore a variety of projects and approaches with young people to quickly concretize ideas and solutions that come from their communities and from their own needs. The goal here being to help as much as possible to reveal their creative and collaborative potential, as well as paths for their futures

Because in my opinion, to evolve, young people must be versatile in technological creation, have the ability to work in collaboration. They will have to face challenges related to architectures and artificial intelligence and its data whose scope is not yet known. It’s my opinion that if we can already provide them with tools and teach them to adapt to the discomforts of the creative process (like that of an artist in creation), these young people will have more resilience to face their future and become agents of change, and better masters of their destiny.

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Summer programming

GénieLab offers techno-creative workshops every weekend from July 6 to August 17, 2024!

Accessible to children aged 7 and over